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The Agency for Cultural Well-being (Hyvinvoinnin välitystoimisto in Finnish) is a three-year-long EU-funded project that aims to develop the field of participatory art services by bringing Finnish artists, cultural managers and professionals of social work and health care together. The long-term goal of the project is to promote art and culture in fields of social work and health care. The Agency for Cultural Well-being is a multiprofessional innovation network that investigates, collects and shares data and good practices, supports professionals and connects people working within the art and healthcare sectors.

There is a lot of research-based evidence for the fact that art promotes well-being. Moreover, several projects have tested the possibilities of bringing art into health care. Nevertheless, the problems with funding and structures still remain unsolved, and this is where The Agency for Cultural Well-being steps in. The agency focuses on education, consulting services, disseminating information and influencing policymakers.



The Agency for Cultural Well-being offers two one-year-long courses for the professionals of cultural and healthcare sector. It also organizes seminars open for all and free of charge. The agency offers consulting services and arranges open meetings for professionals interested in working with participatory art. The consulting services focus on productization, marketing, entrepreneurship and creative financial planning. After the project period the operation of the agency will establish a permanent structure.

The Agency for Cultural Well-being

Publications in English: Heikkilä, Miia & Tikkaoja Oona 2015, translated by Minna Hult: Workbook for Artsie and Welbie. Tips for Artists, their Customers and for Producers in the Production of Participating Art.